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Dr. Frederickson is an amazing vet. She brought my horse through two very serious illnesses. She is compassionate and excellent at diagnostics. I would recommend her very highly.

- Susan Z.

Dr. Crowley combines knowledge and training with down to earth wisdom when caring for horses. I trust her and am fortunate to have her help keeping my horses healthy and happy.

- Judy H.

Stillmeadow Equine we love all of you and are grateful for your expert care!

- Nina S.

Eeyore loves Dr. Crowley! Her advice saved his life about 2 years ago, he’s now happier than ever!

- Courtney P.

I've been a client of Dr. Frederickson for many years.   She takes great care of my 3 horses and is an excellent dentist who uses the power float; she got on her knees to float my mini's teeth when she was pregnant!  She's approachable, knowledgeable and straightforward; I trust her to do what's best for my horses.  She takes time to respond to texts and answers all of my questions.  The office staff are equally amazing and are always helpful and friendly.  I'd recommend this practice to anyone looking for a reliable, caring and state-of-the-art vet practice.  I can't thank you enough for all you do!

- Felicia B.

Tonight my horse Joey managed to somehow get a great gash across his muzzle. I called and Tyra came to see him. He required sedation, cleansing the area, staples and antibiotics. She came after 6:30 and took almost 2 hr to take care of him.. Missed dinner with her family. Yes - a great vet. But I would not have my guy without her. Past 2 yr has been difficult and she guided us through rehabilitation for a host of hoof and hind end issues, stem cells and recurrent Lyme that he looked like death warmed over.. BEST VET EVER. I am a retired physician and can be critical of medical - and now vet care - delivered. Tyra is solid, solid, solid. The best. Just the best.

                                                                                   - Judy O.

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