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Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon
Endoscopy of an airway
Cervical Spine


Radiography is often used as part of lameness evaluation,

pre-purchase evaluation, and dental exams too!

  • Digital radiography allows our veterinarians to acquire and review high resolution x-ray images instantly on the farm at the time of your horse’s exam

  • This enhances our ability to diagnose bony problems with improved accuracy and reduced time, and start any necessary treatment plans immediately following diagnosis

  • In addition, the images taken are digitally stored making sharing via email with owners, potential buyers, other veterinarians, or farriers easier than ever



One of the most versatile tools on the truck!

  • Ultrasound can be used for imaging of tendons, ligaments, surface of bones, masses, and other soft tissues

  • With these images, veterinarians have the ability to accurately and quickly diagnose the cause of your horse's lameness

  • Ultrasound is also used extensively in the reproductive field for:​

    • Determination of Estrus​

    • Pregnancy checks

    • Fertility Problems

    • Evaluation of lungs in a foal

    • See our reproduction page for more!

  • Click here for more info on Diagnostic Ultrasound



Does your horse “make a noise”?


  • We offer endoscopy of the horse’s upper airway for evaluation of the anatomy of the larynx, pharynx, and trachea

  • This procedure can be performed stall side and is helpful in identifying airway problems that often affect performance in horses

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