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Regenerative Therapy


We're excited to offer Pro-Stride (Autologous Protein Solution) as a steroid-free alternative to traditional joint injections!

  • Pro-Stride is a combination of PRP and IRAP therapies and is highly effective, safe, and cost-saving compared to other regenerative therapies

  • Blood is collected from your horse and processed for their own individual anti-inflammatory and growth factors and does not require incubation or freezing and can be injected on the same day

  • Benefits from Pro-Stride treatment include:

    • Pain relief from osteoarthritis for up to a year following a single injection

    • Reduction of cartilage degradation in joints

    • There is also promising data on its use in treating tendon and ligament injuries as well

  • Our Pro-Stride system is completely mobile and can be performed at your farm!

  • Click here to learn more about Pro-Stride



When lameness or performance issues associated with particular joints are identified, joint injections are often recommended.

  • We offer many options for your horse’s joint injection needs ranging from traditional products to the latest therapies

  • We can offer:

    • Steroids​ (powerful anti-inflammatories)

    • Hyaluronic Acid

    • Pro-Stride (see above)

  • Click here for more information on joint injections​



A non-invasive, completely mobile treatment for soft tissue and bone!

  • Shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a procedure which delivers acoustic (sound) pressure waves at a high amplitude to a targeted area of the body

  • It can be effective in treating tendon and ligament injuries by stimulating cells that aid in rebuilding soft tissue and bone and directing a more linear pattern of fiber healing

  • Shockwave can also be helpful in the management of chronic pain and lameness caused by a variety of musculoskeletal disorders

  • Once we’ve identified the cause of your horse’s lameness, we can discuss whether this procedure may be a helpful treatment option.

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